Georgia Wheel Time

Thanks guys!! Sure is easier to keep motivated now with a car that actually does something other than just sit there. Can’t wait to bring it out to the bash next year under its own power (assuming there is a bash next year).

Since one car has an end in sight.. time to move onto #2. Got the rims and tires mounted over the weekend. Hoping to get that car up on the chassis jig shortly to start chopping.

Same tires as the other car – Michelin Pilot Sport Ps2 275/35/18 front, 315/30/18 rear. Rims are forged and from a Roush “Blackjack” edition, with one set narroed for the front.

Life After Burning Out..

Been a while since I have updated things here. We took a break for a while on the cars after burning ourselves out in August.

Now started to move on to take cars of the smaller things like interior, wiring, cooling system etc. Got in intemittent wipers to work using the original Mustang multifunction switch on the column. It was unfortunately not as simple as just getting an 80’s intermittent switch like some do because of the way the computer controls them.

Put the car on the scales now that it is basically complete. 3500lb and ~55%/45% weight distribution. Definitely not as heavy as most would have expected. This was the original goal, we were just not sure if we could get there when adding heavy thing like IRS etc. Still more parts to go on the car – so we approximated them with weight on the car. Once we get into things like carbon fiber bumpers etc, hopefully this will go down.

We have been running the past month or two without a low temp radiator loop on the intercooler circuit, so we have not really been pushing the car until we get this in place. We ended up using a 2007 Shelby intercooler pump bracket and sticking it in the sheetmatal brake to make it conform to the Torino frame. Then it was a matter of playing connect the dots with hoses. Still working on the radiator itself which will go behind the bumper. Also have the oil cooler going in.

Still need to get some videos up. I’ll hopefully get those in the next day or so (low res ones at least.. 1080p ones are huge!).

Dream Cruise and First Drive!

Finally.. after all these all nighters we made it to the Woodward Dream Cruise, and managed to put some miles on the car. I am still in shock that this all panned out. Thanks to all the local gang for helping out – Iain, Luke, Mike, Matt, Rick, Larry.

We got so many parts and pieces on the car in the past 2-3 weeks, that I can’t list or document everything. I hope to at least get the car in one color for now.. and do the final paint next year sometime. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story – interior shots and movie clips to follow shortly..

Underbody Cleanup and Part Detailing

In the midst of all of this, it was time to seal things up for the time being, and start to make everything look presentable. This included painting the underbody and engine compartment and powedercoating all kinds of parts and pieces on the car. Everything will be sealed up for good later when the car gets snadblasted. Nothing high budget, just some rattle cans and an Eastwood powdercoating kit.

Engine Teardown and Oil System Upgrade

Pulled apart the engine to put in the new Melling oil pump, Canton windage tray and Moroso pan. Changing the oil pump in the new motors sure is not as simple as it once was. Oil pump in a modular motor is on the crank snout behind the timing gears. After getting everything back together, had to work on all the little things like custom throttle/cruise control cable bracket (based off a 2004 Cobra one) since the dual bore throttle body setup is a one-of on this car.

Fuel Lines and More Cooling..

Fuel system is basically done – just need to get Oetiker clamps on the lines and that will be it. Ended up using new Mustang fuel filter and bracket and retained the quick connect fittings. Makes parts cheaper and more readily available too.

Moving onto cooling system, we have all of the hoses, adapters and fittings. Using the Ford racing oil filter adapter, it makes setting up the coolant hoses and oil cooler system a breeze.

Next step is to get a quick coat of paint on the underbody to keep rust away, and then assemble everything underneath the car. Once we shake down the car, we will send it in for final paint inside and out.

Brakes and Fuel..

Have not posted in a while.. likely because we have been too busy working on the car. We have the fuel tank almost ready to bolt in, just need to weld on a modern filler neck/cap. The pump reservoir has been welded to the standard Torino gas tank to mimic the setup on a 2004 Mustang Cobra.

Brake system is for the most part complete, as all the necessary lines are bent up and attached to the car. Once the car is back on the ground, only thing to do now is bleed them.

Splined swaybars arrived this week from Speedway – very nice parts. Looks like we are very close to having all the parts we need to complete 1 car – finally.

Wheel Wells, Front Rad X-Member and Fuel Sump

Have not posted in a while.. but getting lots done behind the scenes.

Have the rear wheel wells, shock mounts and spring mounts completed. Pictures shown is with the car upside down. Not much else to do in this area until final paint goes on. Moving onto the front of the car, the new radiator crossmember is welded in for good, and more or less complete (and also shown upside down. Just need to make up a mount to pick up the hood latch support. Only thing left to do under the car now is bend up the 2 rear brake lines and a fuel line.

Figured since the car will hopefully be up and running soon, it was time to finish up the fuel system. We made a fuel sump up out of stainless using a 2003/2004 Cobra tank as reference. We still need to add the supply tube and air vent, otherwise it is ready to go in the tank.

Once the lines are done, the car will be put back on its suspension, and the powertrain will go in for the last time for a while, as it is time to get thing thing on the road.

SF Connectors Done and New Parts..

Almost there..

Have most of the underbody final welded (pass side shown from underneath car). Was a bunch of rust on the front crossmember under the rad – so we just cut it out. Will replace with 3″x2″ steel section which will fit perfectly – the nice thing is it only needs to be cut to length and can be welded in. No sense in spending lots of time on spot repair since the suspension points that use the underside of this are long gone anyway.

Also found an Earls oil cooler, Bosch intercooler pump and Spicer 1350 series u-joints on Ebay in the last few weeks. Just need to get a Speedway 36″ 1.25″ OD splined sway bar for the front and the major purchases for this car will be close to complete.

Magnaflow X-Pipe and E-Brake System

Moving right along, got the Magnaflow offroad X-pipe yesterday. Looks great and saves a ton of time trying to piece together straight sections and bends. As soon as the car comes off the rotisserie, the powertrain will go back in and exhaust will go on. Also got some straight 2.5″ SS pipe to make the Magnaflow system work since the Torino is longer than a Mustang.

Moved onto the e-brake system. Went back and forth on whether to go on the floor in the pedal area, or in the console area. Since the car is clearly not going the stock route, function wins. Since we are not running consoles in the cars, and want a nice area for the dead pedal to go, it makes the most sense beside the driver. Besides, it makes e-brake drifting much easier :). Cables are aftermarket pieces for a 2004 Mustang with IRS.

We now have June in our sights for a cruise around the block..

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