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Sway bars done, cooling done..

Been a while since I have had time to put together a post. We have been quite busy working on the car.. although most of the things like electrical etc don’t really provide for exciting progress pictures. Cooling system is basically wrapped up. Intercooler heat exchanger is in and ready to run, as is the oil cooler system.

Sway bar is now in and complete. Did some machining on the arms to make them easier to assemble and to clean them up a bit. After that, powdercoated everything and installed. Can’t wait to actually try this thing out on a corner.

Life After Burning Out..

Been a while since I have updated things here. We took a break for a while on the cars after burning ourselves out in August.

Now started to move on to take cars of the smaller things like interior, wiring, cooling system etc. Got in intemittent wipers to work using the original Mustang multifunction switch on the column. It was unfortunately not as simple as just getting an 80’s intermittent switch like some do because of the way the computer controls them.

Put the car on the scales now that it is basically complete. 3500lb and ~55%/45% weight distribution. Definitely not as heavy as most would have expected. This was the original goal, we were just not sure if we could get there when adding heavy thing like IRS etc. Still more parts to go on the car – so we approximated them with weight on the car. Once we get into things like carbon fiber bumpers etc, hopefully this will go down.

We have been running the past month or two without a low temp radiator loop on the intercooler circuit, so we have not really been pushing the car until we get this in place. We ended up using a 2007 Shelby intercooler pump bracket and sticking it in the sheetmatal brake to make it conform to the Torino frame. Then it was a matter of playing connect the dots with hoses. Still working on the radiator itself which will go behind the bumper. Also have the oil cooler going in.

Still need to get some videos up. I’ll hopefully get those in the next day or so (low res ones at least.. 1080p ones are huge!).

Fuel Lines and More Cooling..

Fuel system is basically done – just need to get Oetiker clamps on the lines and that will be it. Ended up using new Mustang fuel filter and bracket and retained the quick connect fittings. Makes parts cheaper and more readily available too.

Moving onto cooling system, we have all of the hoses, adapters and fittings. Using the Ford racing oil filter adapter, it makes setting up the coolant hoses and oil cooler system a breeze.

Next step is to get a quick coat of paint on the underbody to keep rust away, and then assemble everything underneath the car. Once we shake down the car, we will send it in for final paint inside and out.

Coolers and SF Connectors..

Could only put it off so long.. finally had to buy some new parts for the car for a change. Working on getting the cooling, power steering, fuel and brake systems up and running. Wanted to have all the fittings in black and with black polyester weaving on the hoses. Took a while to track down all the parts for the right price, but we have everything now for one car.

Also got upgraded parts to run the remote oil cooler and also a better pump and Cobra pickup to keep the engine happy on the track.

Started cleaning up the underbody and began welding everything underneath. I am not sure how we would have done this without a rotisserie.